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Society's Idea of Beauty Is Toxic!

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Whispers of  insecure voices all around me:

"Why did she cut her hair?

Her bald-headed ass….

She looks like Little Bill…

Her skinny ass looks better with weave.

That Bitch ugly as hell now."


Lol. I cut my hair because it was heat damaged. Just because your hair is long, does not mean that your hair is healthy! The ideal picture of a woman black, brown, or white is to be slim-thick about 5’5 with nice pretty teeth, long hair, big boobs, and a nice behind. I am none of that. I have stretch marks, I make mistakes, I am tiny, I have acne, and my self-esteem is not perfect. BUT IT IS OKKKKKAAYYYY, I AM HUMAN!

the big chop natural hair revolution black women

People question what they do not understand, it took me my college days to be okay with myself at least. I do not care as much as I did before about what people say or think,  but I sometimes still find myself questioning my outer appearance.

My hair cut was inspired by this movement of women that have been unapologetically embracing themselves without the hair that hides their outer beauty, those women that did not cut their hair and hide behind makeup and other things to make their face look better.

I think that we as a race should not push hair as being beautiful, but push values and personality. We have little girls thinking this is okay. It is not okay to have short hair, then they grow up questioning their worth. We have them thinking that the straighter the better they look, so they grow up with damaged hair belittling healthy hair short and long.

I first noticed my hair was not good enough in middle school, so I begged my ma to permit it. Ever since then I have altered my hair to make the texture GO away because my texture is not what makes any woman beautiful. My hair is KINKY. No one likes to have to take their time with their hair, everyone is always in a rush.

Now I have just been on this movement of forgetting what people think about me. I can not alter my hair or any other part of my body to boost my self-esteem, self-esteem is not associated WITH HAIR.

I encourage you all to live your best hair life, a healthy hair life. If you want to cut your hair, do it!!!!!!!!! Embrace your texture, and STOP CRITICIZING WOMEN WHO HAVE SHORT HAIR, and women that do not fit in society's ideal of beauty!



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