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Move YOUR bus!-Ron Clark

Hey lovely people.Over the summer I had the privilege of reading this outstanding book by Ron Clark called “Move Your Bus”. I purchased it at Barnes and Nobles for about 6 dollars on a quest to enhance my reads as well as myself. Ron Clark owns a school in Atlanta and this mane is very successful as well as wealthy.He goes through a concept indicating the type of people in a work place and encourages people to work to their fullest potential.It was great.

I would recommend it to people who have their own business or works within a business as well as those who do not yet work. This book reveals the do’s and don’ts in order to be successful at your job.Really how to move your bus! Two things taking away from this book including to stay away from the gossip group and put your attention mainly on the people that are moving the bus(the work place) with their beautiful work ethics. I won’t reveal too much,so go move your own bus with this new read in your collection. It definitely won’t sit there to dust its life away,you actually might not be able to put it down. Again, great read.  Thumbs pointed to the sky on this one.

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