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R and r Booktique provides online ebooks for kids, courses, and live workshops to support urban communities in the city of Memphis. 

about Valencia M. Perkins the owner and founder

Children naturally have a curious nature and it's up to parents and guardians to guide them and answer all of their questions. But what if you do not know how to start those conversations? 

That's why I became a Children's Book Author, I wanted to teach kids hard lessons about life in simple ways they could understand. I grew up in a harsh reality losing my friend to gun violence, and I had many questions about why things happened.

In college when my father died, I decided to release my very first children's book while obtaining a degree in English with a minor in Spanish.

Also, Mom, I want you to know that you're not alone on your motherhood journey. Studies show that moms put their health last when it comes to their family and I want to use my teaching gift to help you have a holistic pregnancy and healthy lifestyle for your babies. You can take care of yourself and be the best teacher your child can have. 

Book me to speak at your next event or schedule a live reading workshop for your kids. 

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