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Hi, I'm Valencia Perkins - A Children's Book Author

I'm from Memphis, TN where I graduated high school and I received my Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Spanish at Tennessee State University in Nashville. I immediately began teaching high school after graduating and I now teach at a charter school. 

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My Story

I started writing children's books because my passion is educating. I wanted to teach kids hard lessons with stories that they could understand. So I wrote and published my first book, Poppy's Garden, to teach children about death by using plants as an illustration. 

My passion for educating comes from living in harsh realities in Memphis, TN. I've witnessed hardship and how it affects the health of families and children and I wanted to change that. Education is the key to a successful future for every child and adult. 

I now have the privilege of teaching high school students who are on their way to college. My experience at TSU changed my life and created so many opportunities for me. I was the president of LYLAS and joined Futuro, and the NAACP while studying for my Bachelor's. 

I named my business after my two beautiful girls whom I have the gift of teaching each and every day. I sell holistic, organic, and CBD products for moms because I experienced a tragic birth when I had Reign and it left me with a medical condition that was cured by changing my diet. Because of this, I became a Certified Doula teaching moms about the benefits of a holistic pregnancy. 

My desire is to continue using my gift of teaching to teach moms how to take care of their health, and their children's health, and educate their families! Please subscribe to my email list below for monthly updates and book releases. 

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