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Advice From Mary B. Morrison

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Mary B. Morrison Best-selling author consultation

Speaking with a New York Times bestseller was absolutely the highlight of May for me. Mary B. Morrison or Mary Honeyb Morrison is an author up there with top-notch authors! We met over the phone, and her warm spirit was felt through both devices. She is absolutely awesome! She is so awesome that I decided to spread a little knowledge that I gained from her with aspiring authors like yourself!

Spreading knowledge will not dim what you know! It is absolutely okay to share with people your mistakes and wins. Whatever God/universe has for you will ALWAYS be for you! Don’t feel like you have to always hide information to protect the energy. No one can put their negative energy on what God has already planned for you!

I have a few questions and answers that I am going to share with you from my interview. Grab a pencil and paper or just come back to my page when you want to review it. Let’s go!

1. Which marketing company should I go with?

This is an individual choice. You have to find a company that fits you. The bigger picture is what can I do to promote to minimize cost. With marketing companies, get it in writing. You want to make sure you set boundaries.

2. How do you market your books?

Release a teaser chapter and having people pre-order the book are great ways to market. Hype the book, but don’t give too much. Do a contest. Get your cover done. Consider the people that you know for help. Set your own budget.

3. What is the best route to publishing?

Self-publishing is the best way to publish your book.

4. What advice do you have that made you a better writer?

Be true to yourself, and be true to your characters. If you are going to write it, write it.

Overall, the experience was phenomenal, when she shared with me that she flew out for two weeks just to write, this inspired me on a whole different level. I hope you took something from our conversation. My thoughts were everywhere, so my notes are everywhere. These few questions were the most uniform and professional for me to share so I chose to share them.

I did pay for my session, but it is always good to invest in yourself. I reached out to her via email. The internet has been my best friend throughout my writing process. Use it to your advantage. As we come to a close in this post, I am going to share a quote that Ms. Morrison shared with me by Oprah Winfrey.

“If you sell 10,000, you will have a book deal. Get to that 10,000, you got this!"
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