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College Gitters

Hey babes! I know some freshman and transfer students are nervous to enter college this upcoming fall. It might be hard to believe,but I was too. Everyone is nervous about entering college. When I say everyone,everyone. Whether you are 18 or 28 or maybe even 58, everyone is nervous. Will I adjust well? Will I succeed? Will I meet friends? So many questions! The answer to your worries are yes! Yes you will be liked, yes you will succeed, and yes you will adjust. My advice is to be yourself and get to know your teacher. Even though you are normally quiet, start conversations. Even if it is just a hey,and see you later. You have to be willing to start somewhere,and let me give you an A for taking the first step,and that is even applying and doing all the necessary steps in order to attend that school of your choice. You made it this far,you can make it further!

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