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Taking L’S for love

Hey everyone! Hope you are having an awesome day. For Valentine’s day ,there are usually many bitter women out here,and I just want to encourage you and let you know that everyone’s timing is different. You have to go through losers to find love,it just makes you appreciate the love more. It is okay to be single. When you are single, it is an opportunity for you to get yourself together. Yes you feel lonely ,yes you feel as though no man wants you. Yes you get discouraged.

You just got to remember you ain’t always had a man. It is possible to live without until it is your turn for love. You got to set your standards of how you want to be treated from day one,and maintain that throughout the dating phase. Nothing ever happens by mistake,it is all apart of the bigger picture.

So keep strutting and keep smiling baby girl ,your man might just be watching! Take the loses for love, you will look back and be glad you learned from them.

Until Mo post,


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