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Be Easy

Hola mis amigos.

I wrote a  blog a few months back about timing. Please go back and read it before continuing this post.

So losing a parent was one of the most difficult deaths that I have had to deal with thus far. I lost a lot of people,but this one pierced my heart when I heard the news. This one took so many tears from me. This one made me reevaluate life. This one  made me reevaluate how I treated my mom.

When I heard the news, I did not understand. I wanted the traditional wedding. I wanted my dad to be there when I graduated. No matter the hurt that he brought to my family. I still loved him and wanted him to be proud of my accomplishments.

Some things you are just never prepared for,and this was one of them. I could not believe it.

Dealing with a close death is never easy, NEVER. It is always good to talk to people about how you feeling,maybe someone close. Me personally I always talk to God, so that higher power you believe in if you feel you can’t talk to a physical person.

Also you got to know it is okay to cry! Cry until  you can’t cry anymore. It is okay!

Lastly, do something for them.

When I graduate, best believe it is for everyone that believed in me including the deceased. When I point to the sky, best believe I am telling my heaven family especially my dad, LOOK I MADE IT.

So keep your head up. Let yourself heal. Breathe and keep pushing. Your loved one is watching!

Until Mo post,


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