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I’m Back: My Birthing Experience

December 13 @ 12:57 am I had my second rainbow baby. That Friday before her both, I woke up in sooooo much pain. The pain would not go away, and it was a pain that I’ve never experienced before, EVER.

This pregnancy I wanted to do things differently. I wanted a better experience so I chose to go a different route. I chose to do it a more natural approach, and yes it was worth it.

Below I will list a few things I observed while there:

Birthing Center: Choices (Rating 7 stars)


1.They took my wants and needs more serious than if I would have birth at a hospital.

2. They did not force me to take conventional medicine. 3. They taught me about my body.

4. They encouraged me to listen to myself. 5.They recorded and took pictures.

6. They built relationships. 7. They can tell the client of more natural alternatives to conventional medicine.


1. I was tired as hell afterwards and needed rest but I was rushed out after birth.

2. They did not provide food,

3. There was not many encouraging veganism.

4. I was not informed On how to avoid ripping and ripped and lost blood. 5. They don’t take all insurance but mine was fully covered, just a heads up.

Overall, my experience was better than in the hospital. If you can hire a midwife and doula instead of going to the hospital, I would like to encourage you to do so.

Until next chat,

Peace, Love, and Birth 💜👋

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