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Beating the ODDS

Hey folks. I know I have not been on here in forevahhh, but  I have literally either been busy or trying to recover from undergrad. So now let’s do a huge flashback/testimony.

Firstly, I want to say that I am the first in my family to graduate from Tennessee State University. In my immediate family,I am the first college GRAD, ALL GLORY TO GOD.

My undergraduate career was a big roller coaster. I found myself. Freshman year I realized that I was beautiful without a perm,and one day in my dorm I cut all of my permed hair off. This first year you realize so much, you feel what being broke truly means and you start to appreciate little things. The first year you are mainly in classes with all different people,and majors. Someone could be a Nursing major on the left of you,and someone could be an Business Administration major  to the right of you. Who knows? You meet people that are from a different city, and you meet people that are even from a different country. You realize that there is more to life than just you.

Sophomore year I looked to join organizations because I was now officially a student. I had made it pass the first year. YOU CANNOT JOIN MUCH STUFF AS A FRESHMAN. I had hit a harder place in my life because I was also struggling to stay focused in school. I hated most of my classes. When you become a sophomore, you get more into your major courses meaning if your major is Biology then you are taking science classes. I was a Biology major hating myself basically. I WAS STILL FINDING MYSELF.

Junior year I switched my major, THE BEST DECISION I made in college. I was more content with the courses,but I did think that the course work would be easier to handle. IT WAS NOT. Let me tell you this, EVERY MAJOR HAS CHALLENGES. I also got into more organizations,and became a face for one of  the organizations that I was in. I was MISS LYLAS. Being a face for an organization means more than looks. It means empowerment, and it is a position of power. I hosted seminars to help the campus,and gave away gifts to two lucky ladies with the help of other queens. It was stressful,but this experience was very rewarding.  At the end of junior year, I lost my father which was the weirdest thing ever.

Senior year as soon as school started, I got into a wreck. I was devastated. I thought that I would not make it to see graduation,but I did. I graduated with knowledge in English and Spanish. Which I would advise all readers to pick up a second language. It feels so good to know what the people around you are saying. I was also involved into the Latino community like I was one. This helped me appreciate my own advantages as an African American. Senior year I took most of my classes with people like me. They were mostly English majors.

If I could give advice to anybody entering college or still in college I would say,SPEND YOUR MONEY WISELY AND DO NOT QUIT!

Until MO post, TTYL!

unnamed (15)

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