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Celebrating a Year of Blogging

Hey everyone! I have had 200 or so views combined from 2016-2017! I had a person from Spain view my blog, and even someone from Pakistan and lots of people from all over the United States! This is so cooolllllll. I was scared that I would not reach anyone. The purpose of my blog is to talk about stuff other than beauty. Often times we put beauty at the beginning of our check list,but in reality, beauty will fade. I honestly admire makeup, but I feel better without it. Some days I feel insecure,but no amount of makeup will cover up our insecurities, so I embrace who I am. I embrace the acne. I embrace my height. I embrace everything that made me cry as a child. This blog has let me express who I am, and my valuable opinions. Thank you for listening, well reading and connecting with me! Stay tuned!

– Until MO post

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