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The Rona: The New Normal

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Coronavirus has taken over our way of life. What we once thought was normal is not even normal anymore? It was once normal to stand directly behind someone, now it’s not normal to be within 6ft of the person beside you. It was once normal to have a birthday party with no restrictions. Now, there is a limit to how many people are invited, and those people might wear masks.

The world is not as we once knew it, and no matter how we try to normalize being around each other, it will never be normal again.

I have been using this time to reflect on things that hurt me, things that make me depressed, things that make me happy, things that I want to manifest, REALLY most important things, etc.

This time was needed. I’m in the middle of hurting and healing, a stage that people really don’t talk about until they are out.

I’m in school and still working while balancing mom life, balancing relationships, trying to find myself.

I love this time; it’s peaceful. I am not obligated to physically go anywhere for eight hours or more straight. I’m able to see how other things matter much more than my eight-hour shifts.

I can’t wait to see who I become after my in-between process. I’m going to come back stronger than ever!

Let that hurt go, sis or bro, it’s getting in the way of your success.

Until mo post,

Peace Love and Gratitude

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