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Hey everyone! It has been awhile,but like I told you guys previously school has hit me full force.

Any who this blog is about figuring out your purpose in life.

I am not going to lie. It has taking me some time to figure out my purpose in life. My first semester of college I wanted to be a neonatal doctor. 1. Because I love babies and 2. Because I saw dollar signs. My first reason was okay,but when I started to get into the work that it took in order to be that doctor, I realized that it was not for me! I would be so miserable in every single science class. I DREADED each class except Anatomy and Physiology,but that is because I am visual learner. I must see an example of words in a picture.

Let’s first start out with an evaluation of yourself. Ask yourself these questions.

What exactly am I willing to put in work for?

When things get hard,will I still love this job/career?

What am I good at?

Where can I progress as an individual?

Does this fit me and my morals?

If I like to help people, will I help people in my profession?

Can I pay my bills and live comfortably?

Can I move up in this profession,will I always be growing?

Am I preparing myself for my career/job?

You should be able to answer at least one of these questions. If you cannot answer any question,keep working and living and answer these questions with time. Take as much time as you need to. Society has made us put a time on a degree or a time on a certification and whatever else. But I am here to tell you sistah or brothah everyone figures things out at their own pace as long as you are working towards figuring out your purpose the rest should be easy. Keep working towards it,and you will see green and red flags. With those green and red flags if the green outweighs the red,and you are truly happy(which is all that matters) this is your purpose,this is the job/career for you! Take this example and make it fit you! This is a real life example from me.




Greens Flags- I am a kid magnet! I love kids! It thrills me to help them out and pour wisdom into them. They make me happy! They have so much energy. They can be some of the best teachers. Pay is durable. Room to move up the ladder. Seeing growth in a student I volunteered with. Experience with a kid asking me to be their teacher.

Red Flags- Discipline problems.


Green flags- I get a chance to help people! Pay.

Red flags- I hated the classes. I was miserable. I hate school. I could not see myself doing that the rest of my life. I really do not like seeing people sick.

Out of the two I had more green flags for teacher than I did for doctor,so no matter how I tried to fight it I found my purpose. Hope this helps!

Until Mo post. Peace!

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