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Pregnancy is something beautiful and painful. After my miscarriage in 2018, I knew that I was over having kids. In my mind, my focus was solely myself and my masters degree. When I found out that I was pregnant for the second time, I was devastated.

I was at the doctor’s office when I found out, for something else. The doctor came back all weird. After he gave me the run down of what was wrong with me, he also hit me with the oh yeah you are pregnant line. I started to stare at him all blankly. In my head, I was like why lord, wth did I do this time. The miscarriage pain was still fresh for me.

I scheduled a doctor’s appointment from my regular doctor, and I found out I was 6 weeks and the baby was thriving unlike my last pregnancy. I began to have hope.

Fast forward through my pregnancy, I craved things like fruit and pizza. I loved pizza y’all. One time I even went to Chuck ee Cheese, and watched the kids play while I waited on my pizza.

I did not start feeling bad until towards the end around eight months. I was freaking out every little thing because of the trauma caused from my miscarriage.

The last time that I went to the hospital for pain. I actually found out that my baby’s heart was dropping, and I had no choice but to have an emergency C-Section.

I was distraught because I wanted to try to have her naturally. The nurse took my bracelet off that Dennis gave me with hearts on it, and people started coming in and out of the room as I being to moan in excruciating pain. I was about 3 cm dilated already.

Speaking of Dennis, he left to get the diaper bag, and I didn’t see him until later after my procedures.

Before I knew it I was rushed to another room. All I felt was pulling and tugging after my epidural. I heard the doctor talking to a student doctor, and I begin to scream. One of the nurses told me that that wouldn’t make it no better, so I attempted to calm down still feeling the tugging.

Wahhhhn was the next thing I heard. She was being snatched out of me. I gave a deep breath after hearing her. I was at ease especially because of the emergency C-Section.

I laid on the table until everything was finished.

Afterwards, I learned that I had one of my ovaries removed too because it had a vain wrapped around it and was enlarged which speaks to why I was in so much pain.

That night I spent the first night with Reign, was exhausting and beautiful. She was so exquisite, and she still is. Her feet came out huge, and her hair was slicked down. She was so red; she was everything.

This was the day that I started breastfeeding. She latched on perfectly. This day started my motherhood journey, and I would NEVER trade this moment for anything else. It was mind blowing.

Oh. The bracelet that was taken off of me during my C-Section was never returned, and Dennis and I are pissed til this day.

Hope you enjoyed my mini story.

Until mo post. Peace. Love. Reign. ❤️

❤️August 4, 2019 Reign Elaina Orange 🍊

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