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Take Mo Care

How many of y’all have truly been taking care of yourself this quarantine? Have you exercised today? Have you eaten any fruit? Did you smile any today? Have you took time to write for leisure or read for leisure?

I am asking these questions because these are the same questions I asked myself today, well everyday now that we are working from home.

Things can get overwhelming if you don’t take time to make sure that your physical and mental well being are in tact.

Last week, after my incident, I realize that I have not been taking care of myself as much as I should. Stress can make your body do some weird things, and it can also make your body give out on you.

We all have to continue to check on ourselves daily. This week I have started doing what I love, writing and reading on a consistent basis. I’m thinking that if I start now, when the school year starts I’ll have this deep breathing and a self care regime under control.

Make sure that you are putting DAILY activities in your schedule FOR YOU! No one is going to love you like you love yourself. If we die today, our job would be posting our position tomorrow.

Take Mo Care of you. ❤️ You deserve it.

Until next post,

Peace, Love, Good Vibes

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