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Hello to my lovely readers. You are probably reading this because you are seeking for advice,and a little motivation. I am writing in order to give you just that.

In college,there is this week called Final week. During this week,most college students are literally doing their all to maintain a grade or to bring that grade up in a specific class. Me,well I am using this time to maintain some grades and bring some up!

Take a look at my survival guide and motivation.

Mo’s survival guide:

  1. Get plenty of rest.

  2. Study as much as you can.

  3. Study what the professor emphasized to study. Do not be extra.

  4. If you cannot remember what to study,ask a classmate.

  5. Eat before each test,and drink plenty of water.

  6. Do not panic,you have been taking test all of your life.

  7. Read each question thoroughly.

Mo’s motivation:

Final week is hectic,and very stressful but remember that career you want,the stability you yearn for. Remember the reasons why you are in school. Understand that when you pass this course,you won’t have to see it again. Let that be motivation enough. You have had a long semester,but remember everyone around you has had one too. We are all on the same boat,just waiting to reach our destination. WE ARE ALL TIRED,AND WORN OUT FROM PERSONAL LIFE TOO. Some people sitting right next to you could be experiencing a way worse situation,but still keeps their head up and tackles Finals just as hard! So my motivation to you is to keep going,this semester is literally almost at the end! You got it!!!!

Until Mo post,

Peace,Love,and Motivation

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