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Timing is not always what we expect,but it is always right. We can not set the clock. We can not prepare,we can only except it.

Life is a cycle of timing. Timing for the come up. Timing for the happiness. Timing for the struggle. Timing for the healthy heart. Timing for the cake to be in the oven. Timing for life. Timing for death. Each timing is accurate and set for a specific piece of our lives. At this present moment you are directly related to timing. You are reading to understand timing. You are doing something in the midst of timing. Timing stops for no one or nothing. It is a continuous idea that places things in between.

I decided to post this because I literally have had a rocky year with timing. It has made me humbled,but I have had the hardest time with it.

My dad passed my junior year of college. It was directly related to timing. I took my finals,went home to see a mind of hopelessness and hurt. A day later,he passed. Just like that. It seemed as though this timing had went so fast. Like the timing speed up just for that moment. The grief in my heart was so heavy. I felt as though no one understood what I was going through. At least that is what I thought.

Then I had my first wreck in my car, if the other car would have waited a little longer than it would have not been wreck at all. If I had spent more time in the mirror getting ready, there would have been no wreck at all. Right?

But like I previously stated, time waits for no one or nothing so we might as well embrace it. Embrace the timing or get spun with it!


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