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15 Tips For New Teachers

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Hey, y’all! I know it has been a long time, but honestly sometimes you just genuinely do not have enough time to do EVERY SINGLE THING!!! Anywho, I just wanted to do a survival post for first-year teachers, especially in urban settings.


  1. Do NOT I REPEAT, DO NOT QUIT! ……. You will go through a lot of shit. I am going to just be honest, but you cannot quit! Go to the bathroom when things get tough. Go outside for a breather, but do not quit!!

  2. Give the kids your all. Kids know when you are halfway there, give them 100000% of you.

  3. Collaborate with other teachers and get resources from wherever you can.

  4. Do NOT let people intimidate you. Be you!

  5. Do NOT befriend any of the kids until they graduate on any social media. You can even just delete all social media if you want to.


  7. Make time for yourself! Take them sick and personal days, you deserve it.

  8. Do not throw others under the bus to move up. That is not the right way to do business.

  9. Plan as much as you can at school.

  10. If you are in school, stick to your schedule, but leave time for a break!!! Do not consume all of your time with school and work.

  11. For my Christians, pray PRAY, pray, Pray, CRY, pray, and pray!

  12. Do not let the pressure of test scores make you teach to test. Teach them things that they will need throughout the rest of their life.

  13. Do not bash other teachers with kids. THAT IS CALLED REAL MESSY AND UNPROFESSIONAL.

  14. Be yourself!

  15. Have fun!!!!!!

You will have a great first year!



2nd-year Teacher

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