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Miscarriages happen to the best of us.

Yes, I said us. I was pregnant this year with my first baby.  Today, I am deciding to share my story to help other women who might have went through the same or might be going through the same. It helps to know that WE  are NOT alone.

Okay. So here it goes.

I knew I was pregnant by the way my body had begun to change. I was excited and nervous at the same time. My partner and I are a great team, so I knew that the baby would have everything and more. I also was nervous because of what people would say about me.

As we went to our first check up, I knew that the ultrasound would give good news. Instead, the tech expressed that the baby had no heart beat. At this very moment, my partner and I looked at each other in shock. After we went to the tech, we met with the doctor who was encouraging to the both of us. He helped us understand that miscarriages happen for various reasons, and it might not be time for us to reproduce. This made my blood boil. I was sad and angry from this visit. I cried after the visit. I was so hurt. I questioned my existence and God. For weeks, I was not myself. I would break down in the car. I disliked the pain I felt for myself, my baby, and my boyfriend.

I decided to have a natural miscarriage because I feel as though pills do not always work. I was in so much pain. I felt as though I was having a baby according to research. My body had contracted the baby. I had lost a ton of blood. One day, my boyfriend and I saw the baby in the toilet. The baby was very tiny. My baby  was approximately 6 weeks old, but it felt like I had been carrying my baby forever.

The miscarriage taught me the beauty of life. The miscarriage taught me how precious kids are. The miscarriage also taught me timing. Everything happens in the right timing. Sometimes our timing is  not aligned to God’s timing. We have to be okay with that, and just keep trying I guess.

I currently am a survivor. I am still gradually healing, but my wound is way smaller than what it was.

My advice to women who are miscarrying is to stay strong. Cry it out, and talk it out. It’s okay to heal. Let your mind and body heal. Do not let anyone or anything come before your healing. You only get one body. Also, it is okay to tell your story. Let your story be a  mild scar and not a life changing concussion.  Someone needs your story.

Until Next Post.

Peace Out.



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